5 Classes That Are Fun for Seniors

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Written by Starhaven Villas

July 29, 2021

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After a lifetime of work, if you are anything like other retirees, you may struggle with finding ways to occupy your time. Just because you have retired from your career, doesn’t mean you have to retire from growth and learning. This is an ideal time to explore hidden skills and talents. Here are a few ideas of fun classes you can take to discover avenues of enjoyment and fulfillment during your retirement years.

  1. Art classes. So many people find creativity engaging and relaxing. There are so many different mediums of art to try. Painting has a whole world of diverse forms. You can take a whirl at oil on canvas, watercolor, or pour art. Drawing also brings with it varied avenues, like pencil or charcoal. You might also want to try sculpting or stained glass. The possibilities are myriad. 
  2. Cooking classes. You may have spent your adult life cooking for a family, but have you ever examined the prospect of honing your skills in the realm of gourmet food or desserts? Would you like to focus on eating a healthier diet? You could take a class on cooking whole foods and incorporating more fresh produce and grains.
  3. Computer or tech classes. When it comes to technology, things are progressing at lightening speed. Our computers and phones have so many more functions than we could ever learn. There are classes that will teach you how to incorporate more of those functions to increase efficiency in your life.
  4. Exercise classes. Moving your body is so essential to a healthy, active lifestyle. During our careers, it is sometimes difficult to find the time to devote to physical exercise. The type of exercise class you choose can determine your commitment. Find something you like. If you love to dance, you’d like Zumba or Bollywood dancing. If you practice mindfulness, you may prefer yoga. Do you need low impact exercise? Try a water aerobics or swimming class. Would you like to increase your bone density? Look for a resistance-training class. The classes are as varied as are individuals.
  5. Community college classes. You could choose to attend community college and learn something you’ve always wanted to know. Some of those classes will even lead to a certificate of completion. 

Studies have shown that as you continue to learn new skills and information, it improves your cognitive abilities and engenders a youthful mindset. This is an exciting time to use your new-found freedom to explore all the options you never had time to before.

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