Active Adult Community: The Culture of Community Gardening

seniors planting in outdoor garden

Written by Starhaven Villas

April 15, 2021

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Do you love gardening? Have you always had your own private garden? You are not alone. Have you ever done gardening in a community garden? At Starhaven Villas we provide a community garden for our residents. We are going to explore the benefits of a community garden.

Have you ever stopped to ponder the advantages of a community garden on the environment? There are multiple benefits. Gardens improve soil and air quality. Plants, especially fruit and vegetable plants, make the soil rich in vitamins and minerals. Community gardens can also reduce neighborhood waste by composting and creating an even richer soil with which to garden.

The personal benefits of gardening range from physical to mental. When you plant a garden, you have access to fresh fruits and vegetable which can improve your dietary habits. Movement is also required to maintain a garden which increases physical activity and can reduce the risk of obesity. Since gardening is most often outdoor, there is a benefit of breathing fresh air and getting essential vitamins from the sun. There is also a sense of well-being and satisfaction that can come from growing your own produce.

Community gardens create social ties. When everyone is involved in a community project, collaboration and cooperation is fostered. This can bring about friendships and a close-knit community. People take pride in accomplishing a project and a community garden is a project that all members of that community can participate in.

Community gardens allow people to come together for a common goal, to grow your own food. By participating together, people can learn from each other and become more united as a community. Luckily, you don’t have to search for a community garden in which to participate. Starhaven Villas has provided one for its residents. We are excited to see the bounties that will come from this community garden!

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