Active Adult Community: What’s All the Hype with Pickleball?

senior couples playing pickleball

Written by Starhaven Villas

April 1, 2021

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We’re sure you’ve heard of pickleball. It’s a craze that’s sweeping the nation and is popular among all age groups. It is a fun way to get your daily exercise and has multiple benefits.

To maintain health and prevent degeneration, it is recommended that a person get 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week. Pickleball, especially doubles pickleball, is classified as a moderate exercise. The beauty of pickleball is that it works both your legs and upper body. It has been determined that a person that plays pickleball for 60 minutes burns 480-680 calories. This equates to 100-200 more calories expended than most other forms of exercise.

Pickleball is considered a low-impact sport and improves hand-eye coordination. Pickleball is unpredictable because the ball is hit in random patterns. Players must be attentive and responsive. This improves balance, physical agility, and overall fitness. This also has a positive affect on cognitive function and memory.

Pickleball is a social sport. Whether you’re playing doubles or a single match, interaction with other people is a must. This helps with feelings of loneliness and isolation. The social aspect of the sport is what keeps many seniors playing.

Pickleball is a sport for everyone. You don’t have to be skilled at sports, a certain weight, or be young. If you want to have fun, meet new people, and get a great workout, then Pickleball is the activity for you.

Starhaven Villas will feature 2 pickleball courts which will be a fun way to get to know your neighbors and have some friendly competition.

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