Benefits of Living in a 55+ Community: Age Restricted

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Written by Starhaven Villas

February 4, 2021

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The federal government has law through the Fair Housing Act that protects certain classifications. One of those classifications is age. They have, however, made an exception to this protection — senior communities. In a 55+ community, the restriction states that 80% of the homes in this type of designated community must have at least one of the owners who is age 55 or older. The federal government allows each community to decide the minimum age of the other 20%. Children are not allowed to live in a designated senior community as it would be a violation of the exception to the FHA.

At Starhaven Villas, we have decided to keep a cohesive community feel. The 20% exception in our community will include at least one owner who is age 50 or older. This will allow a community with residents who are in the same stage of life and have more in common with their neighbors.

Many people who have chosen to live in a 55+ community comment on the peace and quiet they enjoy in the community. They also appreciate having more access to the amenities than they previously had in a family community. They revel in the privacy afforded in this type of area as well.

All in all, the benefits of living in a 55+ community are myriad. Starhaven Villas offers all these benefits and more. Stop by and meet with one of our team and find out why Starhaven Villas is right for you.

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