Benefits of Living in a 55+ Community: Classy Kitchens

modern classy indoor kitchen

Written by Starhaven Villas

March 18, 2021

55+ Community
When building a new home, you want a stylish, functional kitchen. Afterall, most family and friend gatherings end up around the kitchen table or island. At Starhaven Villas, our kitchens have the latest in cabinet design, countertop selections, hard-flooring options, and higher end appliances than the average new home community.

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in the home. For that reason, we use a cabinet maker, Kitchens Plus, who customizes for each home. While the kitchen layout is similar in each home, the cabinets are custom. If you want all your lowers to be cabinets, drawers, or a combination of both, Kitchens Plus can accommodate what you want.

Many people have strong opinions about which type of countertop is the best. Whether you’re in the granite camp or the quartz camp, you have included options for both. You also have a choice of thickness up to 6 cm. That’s no puny countertop!

Flooring is a big concern for most people. You don’t have to settle for old-school linoleum. We have beautiful choices of both LVP and tile. LVP offers a rich, luxurious wood look without the maintenance of hardwood, and it’s waterproof! Tile is always a classic look and can complement any cabinet and countertop choice.

When it comes to appliances, there are so many brands and options out there. We have chosen a higher-end brand that has a history of low maintenance and longevity, KitchenAid. The included stainless- steel appliances, range, microwave, and dishwasher, have some great special features. The range is not only 5-burner gas stovetop, but a self-cleaning convection oven as well. The microwave is powerful at 1000 watts and has many sensor functions. The dishwasher is sleek with the hidden function bar and several wash and dry cycle options.

With all the thought put into it, you’ll enjoy your chic, new kitchen for years to come.

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