Benefits of Living In a 55+ Community: Golf Simulator

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Written by Starhaven Villas

March 4, 2021

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What is a Simulator?

Hi-Tech is a buzz word in our world today and technology brings valuable benefits to our lives. Whether it is being able to “be” at a granddaughter’s dance recital or seeing a 3-D picture of a soon-to-be-born grandchild, there is a thrill to taking advantage of what the technological world has for us. 

At Starhaven Villas, we are tapping into technology to include a feature in our clubhouse about which we are very excited, a “Full Swing Golf Pro 2 Widescreen Simulator”. This is top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art technology. 

This simulator has too many features to name, but it has something for everyone. If you are a hardcore golf enthusiast, you’ll love the 84 different golf courses you can play. You can work on improving your game by using the analytics to look for areas of improvement. The 688 infrared lights and high-tech cameras creates a very real experience.

This simulator allows you to set your level of expertise. If you are just learning, set it to beginner mode. If you are playing for fun and recreation, set it to the intermediate level. If you are looking to compete with the pros, set it to the advanced level.

If golf isn’t your game, this simulator comes with a myriad of other games. These games include basketball, baseball, bocce ball, hockey, soccer, football, rugby, cricket, lacrosse, and carnival games. It even includes a game called “Zombie Dodgeball”, which will be a real hit with the grandkids!

You can stay active all year long by playing your favorite sport or game. Technology really is a great benefit of living in the 21st century.

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