Different Types of 55+ Communities in Utah

Senior Living in Utah

Written by Starhaven Villas

October 14, 2022

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If you are in the market for a senior living community, chances are you have seen a variety of single-family homes, condominiums and townhouses available in Utah. So what’s the difference between these housing types and what is best for you to make the most of your retirement?

Single-Family Homes

One of the main benefits you’ll find in a 55+ single-family home community is a sense of privacy and space. These types of homes are typically built on larger lots with backyards and offer plenty of room to entertain guests or simply relax outdoors. If you’re looking for an active lifestyle, many 55+ communities will have amenities like tennis courts, pickleball courts, golf courses and walking trails available for residents to enjoy. The new construction homes at Starhaven Villas are all single-family homes with spacious lots.


A condo is a unit that is part of a larger building or complex, which is owned by an individual. In a 55+ community, you will find condominiums that are specifically designed and built for seniors. These units usually have features like wider doorways and hallways, step-free entrances and first-floor master suites to make life a little easier. Additionally, because you are living in a complex, you will have access to amenities like a clubhouse, fitness center and swimming pool (if available) without having to maintain them yourself.

While they offer many benefits, you will notice that you share walls with your neighbors and may not have as much space as you would like.


Townhouses are similar to condominiums in the sense that they are attached units in a larger complex. The main difference is that townhouses typically have multiple levels, which means you will likely have stairs leading up to your front door. If you choose a townhouse in a 55+ community, it will be designed with seniors in mind and include features like wider doorways, first-floor master suites and step-free entrances.

Like a condominium complex, you won’t find much space from your neighbors next door.

Apartment Complexes

Finally, if you are choosing to rent rather than buy in your retirement years, a senior living apartment complex may be the right choice for you. These complexes are built for seniors and feature many of the same amenities as the aforementioned condos and townhouses.

Of course, the main downside of choosing an apartment is that you are not building equity into the property. Unlike a mortgage on a single-family home, condo or townhouse, you simply pay rent each month to the apartment complex owner. If you have had a mortgage your entire life and really don’t want to be bothered by things like property taxes and mortgage insurance, this could be the right decision for your retirement years.

What’s Right for You?

The type of 55+ community in Utah you choose will come down to your personal preferences and needs. Do you prefer more space and privacy or are you okay with being attached to your neighbors? Do you want to own or rent? These are all important factors to consider before making a decision.

If you’re not sure what’s right for you, the best thing to do is to tour a few different types of properties. We welcome you to schedule a tour of our single-family homes in Saratoga Springs. You can see each home’s design, get a feel for the neighborhood and our community clubhouse. Simply contact us to schedule a tour at your earliest convenience.

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