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Written by Starhaven Villas

January 17, 2023

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We originally wrote this article with the title “Retiring in Utah in 2023”. We’ve updated this for 2024 and will continue to update it as new information comes about. Enjoy!

Why Should You Retire in Utah?

The human landscape in Utah is changing rapidly, and predictions for the future are becoming more and more accurate. From new homes to commercial properties, the state of Utah is preparing for significant growth in just a few short years. Here’s a look at what to expect when considering retirement in Utah in 2023.

The Growing Population

Utah’s population is on the rise with more people moving into the state every year. According to estimates released by the U.S. Census Bureau, over 50 percent of Utah’s population increase from 2017 to 2021 was due to net migration into the state. With this influx also comes the potential for new and exciting food, entertainment, and shopping opportunities for Utah and Starhaven Villas residents as Utah County continues to expand.

In fact, just this week Utah’s Minor League Baseball team, The Bees, announced they are moving to a new stadium in 2025 which will be just a short 15-20 minute drive from our community.

Retirement Opportunities

Now is the perfect time to consider a 55+ retirement community in Utah like Starhaven Villas. Until recently, Utah has been viewed by locals as a hidden gem, full of outdoor adventure, friendly neighbors, affordability, and beautiful landscapes — however, the word is out, and Utah is booming! That makes this the perfect time to find your forever home in our luxury adult community. Real estate prices in the state only keep going up, making this a golden opportunity to spend your golden years in a highly desirable environment.

Urban Renewal Efforts

Starhaven Villas is situated right in the heart of Saratoga Springs, an area within Utah County which is seeing a lot of new growth and construction. Many cities within Utah (like Saratoga Springs) are working hard on revitalizing some of their downtown areas through urban renewal efforts focused on improving infrastructure and public spaces to attract businesses and young professionals as well as boost interest in existing buildings. These efforts could help many towns increase property values over time which would be beneficial for residents looking for investments or long-term homeownership opportunities within the area.


Overall, it appears that Utah has a bright future when it comes to real estate opportunities with strong demographic trends pointing towards further population growth over these next few years coupled with urban renewal efforts aimed at enhancing communities across the state; these factors should lead to some exciting opportunities by 2023!

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