Thanksgiving Activities for Seniors

Thanksgiving Ideas for Seniors

Written by Starhaven Villas

November 8, 2022

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Thanksgiving can be a wonderful time of year for self-reflection, spending time with loved ones, and enjoying the changing seasons. If you happen to find yourself with some extra downtime this November, we’ve put together a fun list of ideas to help keep you centered in the spirit of the season!

10 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Seniors

1. Make Thanksgiving-themed arts and crafts:

There are many fun and easy arts and crafts projects that seniors can do to get into the Thanksgiving spirit. Try making thankful turkey handprints, decorating pumpkins, or creating autumn-themed centerpieces for the holiday table. You can even try your hand at creating custom invitations for your Thanksgiving parties.
closeup photo of sliced pie on white ceramic saucer

2. Bake traditional Thanksgiving pies:

Baking is a great activity for seniors, and it’s even more fun when you’re making delicious pies for the holiday. From pumpkin to pecan, there are plenty of recipes to choose from. Additionally, this can become a fun community activity by inviting your friends and neighbors to a friendly pie bake-off!

3. Go on a hayride:

Hayrides are a fun way to enjoy the autumn scenery and get some fresh air. Many farms offer hayrides specifically for seniors, so be sure to check for local listings. However, we may have snow by this Thanksgiving.

4. Volunteer:

Thanksgiving is a great time to give back to the community. There are many ways seniors can volunteer, such as serving food at a soup kitchen, helping out at a local food bank, or delivering meals to homebound residents.

5. Spend time with family and friends:

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with loved ones. Whether you’re hosting a big gathering or simply spending time with a few close friends, make the most of this special holiday.

6. Start a gratitude journal:

Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on all the wonderful things in life. Try creating a journal where you can focus on everything you’re grateful for.

roasted chicken on white ceramic plate

7. Host a Turkey Dinner:

This Thanksgiving, try reaching out to neighbors or long-lost acquaintances and invite them over for a festive feast. This is the perfect time of year to reconnect or make new friends.

8. Play Thanksgiving-themed games:

Many of our favorite games can be customized for any time of year, Thanksgiving Bingo or word puzzles are a great way to capture the spirit of the season while having a great time with others.

9. Decorate the dinner table:

Nothing is quite as fun as a good Thanksgiving get-together. Try creating some fun centerpieces for the table, or breakout the good china and share a lovely meal with friends and family alike.

leaf peeping

10. Go Leaf-peeping:

Utah is a fantastic place for seeing the changing of the seasons. With several canyons just a short drive from Starhaven Villas, you can experience some of the best colors nature has to offer!

We hope this list has given you some ideas about fun ways to spend your time this Thanksgiving. From time with friends and family to fun arts and crafts, there are plenty of amazing opportunities to find happiness and joy this holiday!

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