Tips for Fall Decor

Fall Decorating Ideas

Written by Starhaven Villas

October 21, 2021

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It is so fun to see that people in our Starhaven 55+ community have put up Halloween and fall décor on their porches! As you walk or drive around your neighborhood, you have probably noticed several different styles that reflect the tastes, personalities and variety of people who inhabit those homes. Some porches and front yards are decorated with quaint, traditional, or whimsical articles while others are more modern or have downright scary scenes. Everyone gets to express their delight or horror at the end of summer and transition into colder days. No matter what your style is, there are lots of options and ideas to create your own celebration of Halloween and Fall in and around your home.

Add Pumpkins to Your Front Porch

One of our favorite outdoor Halloween and Fall décor items is pumpkins. There are white, colorful, or even differently shaped pumpkins with stripes or strange bumps that resemble warts! Whatever your decorating style, there are pumpkins to match it! You can stack them or place them on the porch or porch stairs in rows or arrangements.

Decorate Your Front Door

It is a great time to switch out your door wreath out for a Fall one and there are lots of different varieties to choose from. Have you seen those new coffee filter white round wreaths with fun black, white, orange or fall ribbons? Those are very striking and seem to be the latest rage. There are also twig wreaths adorned with dried florals, wheatgrass or fake colorful autumn leaves. Next, string a fall garland around your front door or use corn stalk bundles in that area. Add some fun pillows and a throw to a porch bench or swing. Mix in signs with ‘Happy Fall’ or other lettering for a warm welcoming effect. Colorful mums are another great addition to your porch for this time of year.

Skeletons On the Lawn

On the porch or lawn, skeletons have also made their appearance this season! On a walk the other day, I saw a skeleton that was playing an old piano right in the front yard. What a statement! It is fun to see all the different skeleton scenes that people make in their yards. Apparently, skeletons play different sports, do the same mundane things that we living humans do (like laundry or yard work), and have lots of pastimes and fun activities such as reading, playing chess or board games, camping, or catching rays on the beach.  On the news today I heard that local and national stores are selling out of skeletons so this must be a popular trend!

Take Your Outdoor Ideas Inside

For your indoor décor you can use a lot of the same ideas above. To create a warm mood, start by lighting some vanilla, pumpkin, or spice-scented candles. Then get out your dried floral or fall arrangements. Next put out your favorite blankets. Now you are ready to put a kettle on for tea, hot chocolate or spiced cider. Finally, light or switch on the fire! Whether you like it or not, crisp, cool and even cold days are here to stay. Settle in and enjoy it! Home really is a haven, and this is the time of year that we realize it!

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