What Is An Active Senior Retirement Community?

Active Senior Living Community

Written by Starhaven Villas

September 13, 2023

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As the golden years approach, many seniors begin to contemplate the next chapter of their lives. One option that has gained immense popularity in recent years is the concept of an active senior living community. But what exactly is it? And how does it differ from other senior living options? Let’s look into the details.

Understanding Active Senior Living Communities

An active senior living community, often referred to as a 55+ community, is designed specifically for those who are 55 years of age or older. Unlike traditional retirement homes or assisted living facilities, these communities emphasize an active, engaging and independent lifestyle. They offer a variety of amenities, activities and social opportunities tailored to the interests and needs of older adults.

Key Features of Active Senior Living Communities

  1. Age Restriction: The primary criterion for residing in these communities is age. Typically, at least one resident in the household must be 55 years or older.
  2. Maintenance-Free Living: Say goodbye to lawn mowing, snow shoveling and home repairs. These communities often provide maintenance services, allowing residents to focus on enjoying their retirement.
  3. Amenities Galore: From swimming pools, fitness centers and golf courses to art studios, libraries, and clubhouses, these communities offer a wide range of amenities to keep residents active and engaged.
  4. Social Opportunities: With a calendar full of events, classes and clubs, residents can easily socialize, make new friends and pursue new hobbies.
  5. Safety and Security: Many active senior living communities are gated, providing an added layer of security. Additionally, they often have emergency response systems in place for residents’ peace of mind.

The Best 55+ Communities in Utah

Utah, with its breathtaking landscapes and friendly communities, has become a sought-after destination for many retirees. If you’re searching for an “active senior living community near me” in Utah, we would like to introduce you to Starhaven Villas. We’re a new construction community in Saratoga Springs that caters to active adults. Our community offers the benefits mentioned in this post including opportunities to socialize, play pickleball and live in an active community.

Our location in Utah County puts you in close proximity to a bunch of new restaurants and shopping in the area. If you’re an active skier, we’re close to world-class slopes and we’re a short drive from Salt Lake City where you find even more things to do.

Is An Active Senior Living Community Right For You?

Choosing a retirement living option is a significant decision. If you value independence, an active lifestyle and a community of like-minded individuals, an active senior living community might be the perfect fit. It offers a unique blend of leisure, activity and social connection, ensuring that your golden years are truly golden.

Whether you’re drawn to the vibrant 55+ communities of Utah or elsewhere, there’s an active senior living community near you waiting to be discovered.

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