Writing a Personal History

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Written by Starhaven Villas

September 23, 2021

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So, you’ve finally reached a huge milestone, RETIREMENT! Now what?

After the initial euphoria of your newfound freedom has worn off, many people wonder what to do with their time. Have you considered writing your own personal history?

According to familysearch.org, writing your personal history is a way to “leave a legacy for descendants to treasure for generations”. When you write your own personal history you are ensuring that all of the information is correct. If someone writes your history after you are gone, they must rely on their memories of what happened and could end up with incorrect information. Who else is better suited to provide a correct and comprehensive story of your life than YOU?!

If the task seems too daunting, break it into bite-sized tasks. For example, start gathering old journals, scrapbooks, letters, and anything else that can spark memories. Keep some notecards with you to jot down memories when they come to mind. You can acquire a recording device if you’d like to verbally share your memories before transcribing them to your written history.

You can recruit others to work on theirs so that you have someone to bounce ideas off. One of the advantages of living at Starhaven Villas is that all your neighbors are in the same phase of life as you. Certainly, one of them would be thrilled to work on their life history alongside you.

Writing your personal history is an activity worthy of your time, efforts and resources. Your family, friends and loved-ones will be so grateful you took that time to leave such a prized possession for them.

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